Details of the transaction were not announced.

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The division will become its own company, though details on the new entity were not disclosed.

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Crop Microclimate Management Launches Product that Fights Abiotic Stressors

Photon, for U.S. corn and soybean market, stimulates a key stress-sensing enzyme system in plants to prepare them to react quickly and effectively to environmental stresses.

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How Asia Is Gaining Ground in Drought-Tolerant Corn

Asia has lagged behind in developing corn that requires less water. An international public-private partnership is helping deliver a low-cost solution.


Stockton Group Gets Timorex Approval in Korea, Mexico

Timorex Gold approved for coffee in Mexico and for greenhouse and outdoor use on a variety of fruits and vegetables in Korea.

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Indonesia Pesticide Management and Registration Procedure

In terms of Indonesia’s pesticide trade balance, about 90% of the technical materials processed in Indonesia are imported from China.


Koppert Launches AgriTrap Natural Insecticide

Dutch firm says product fights aphids, whitefly, psyllids, scale insects, gall mite and spider mite.