Trust In Your Sources

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Dave Frabotta

You need better quality data to run your company. At a time when information is ubiquitous, the need for trusted sources has never been in shorter supply. Today’s businesses must work harder than ever to separate the actionable information that can advance their goals from the noise that fills our inboxes and RSS feeds.

The technology-fueled information revolution has given rise to a litany of opportunistic data providers, superficial research and publishers who are more interested in capitalizing on the agriculture boom than serving the industry. This deregulated reality requires us to be more discerning than ever.

Farm Chemicals International is proud to have served the crop protection industry for more than 25 years, and our Crop Protection Directory has been published 99 times by our parent company Meister Media Worldwide, an 80-year-old publisher of agriculture information. Our roots reside in agriculture and the industries that serve farmers and sustainable crop production. The institutional expertise we’ve accrued as a company during the better part of the last century can’t be duplicated easily, and that legacy makes us better publishers and supporters of the respective industries we serve.

But legacy will only go so far, so we have engineered a system of continuous improvement. This Directory has a dedicated editorial staff that updates active substances, product and companies throughout the year so companies can access our updated online version whenever they need it. We provide the most comprehensive, authoritative and targeted single resource for crop protection companies, and that’s just the beginning.

The mission behind this publication is to link buyers and sellers. It begins in January with this Directory, and it continues throughout the year with coverage of crop protection trends by our professional editorial staff. Our growing team of trained journalists compiles the most relevant news, trends and information so you don’t have to filter through the noise. We separate the wheat from the chaff for you. There is a profound responsibility in being a trusted source of information, and we take that duty seriously.

We take our mission of linking buyer and seller seriously, too. That’s why we are committed to our FCI Trade Summits. In the same way we filter through the noise of publishing, we’ve created an efficient venue for companies that want to vet new trading partners. We understand trust is a commodity these days. We’ve crafted our mission to mirror the core goals of crop protection companies, and that is why we will continue to be the industry’s leading provider of information, data and events.

As we are putting the finishing touches on next month’s annual Outlook issue, it is becoming clear that businesses must react quickly to changes in the global agriculture industry to remain successful. Shifting planting intentions, regulatory changes, weather events, formulation technology, branding and evolving market dynamics are just a few of the topics we will cover next month – all of which require careful study to remain relevant in an increasingly competitive industry.

We’ve worked hard to earn your trust and look forward to continuing to filter through the noise so you can concentrate on the important task of growing your business

Frabotta is the Group Editor of Farm Chemicals International, a Meister publication.

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