To Bring Green Revolution to Africa, Countries Must Develop New Technologies

“Assuming Africa is an appropriate setting for another Asian-style Green Revolution is misleading and could result in, yet again, a frustrated attempt to attain sustainable agricultural growth." --IFPRI


FAO’s Da Silva: Agriculture Must Change

FAO Director-General speaks at International Forum on Agriculture and Climate Change


Dow AgroSciences Announces New Structure in Europe, Middle East, Africa

Company to launch six new molecules in next three to five years.


Zaklady Chemiczne Police to Build Phosphoric Acid Plant in Senegal

The new plant is the next step in ZChP's plan to move to full fertilizer production in Senegal and set up a fertilizer distribution center for West Africa.


IFA and the AFAP Agree to Improve Fertilizer Markets in Africa

Agreement looks to increase fertilizer use to 50 kg per hectare across Africa.


Empowering Africa’s Farmers and Agrodealers Through Capacity Building

Training agrochemical users and suppliers in Africa on proper use of farm inputs is critical to ensuring increased production of high-quality crops and safeguarding the health and safety of consumers and the environment.


Mozambique Offers Enormous Opportunity for New Technologies

As Mozambique's agricultural market continues to grow, the country offers crop input companies enormous opportunity.


Anti-Desertification Effort To Create More Demand For Crop Inputs in Africa

The €41 million effort should help end hunger, foster stability and adapt to climate change.


Ebola Affected Countries Could Face ‘Wave of Food Crises’ – IFAD

At World Food Prize, UN agency IFAD calls for "rapid collective response" to the Ebola crisis in West Africa.


Turning Talk into Action: Villa Academy Educates on Crop Protection Best Practices

The only institute of higher learning for crop protection takes lead on attracting and training the industry’s new generation.


Locust Plague in Madagascar Halted, For Now

Additional support of $14.7 million is urgently needed for aerial surveys, control operations, equipment, pesticides, as well as the recruitment of key staff to carry out the second and third campaigns.


Sumitomo Announces New Mode of Action for Adult Mosquito Control

Product expected to combat growing threat of insecticide resistance.


Global Rice Output Rises on Demand in China, India

Double-digit increases are expected throughout Asia and Africa as a result of increased planted area and better use of technology.


Yara Prize Honors Leadership for the Future of Farming

2014 prize awarded to Professor Tekalign Mamo Assefa, state minister and adviser to the Ethiopian Minister of Agriculture.


Stricter MRLs Pushing Global Demand for Biopesticides

Biopesticide market to reach $6.6 billion in 2020, driven by grassroots consumer demand, large grocery retailers and food safety rules in the EU and China.


Adama Profit Jumps on Strong Sales Gains in Latin America, India

Company sees sales increases in most regions despite challenging weather conditions.


Allana Potash Focuses on Ethiopia to Meet Demands of Changing Market

Ethiopia's Agricultural Transformation Agency reports that 100,000 to 400,000 tonnes of potash will be consumed by Ethiopia, Kenya and other East African nations over the next five years.


Syngenta Profit Falls on Lower North American Corn Acreage

Latin America shows strongest growth, despite dry conditions in Brazil and Argentina.


African Countries Recommit to Investing 10% of Budgets in Agriculture

Spread of crop inputs across the continent to be propelled by continuation of 2003’s Maputo Declaration.

Latest News


Bayer CropScience Sales Rise on Latin America, Africa, Middle East

Fungicides and new products drive strong results.


Valent BioSciences Acquires Mycorrhizal Fungi Products Business

Valent BioSciences Corp., a U.S. subsidiary of Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd., has acquired Mycorrhizal Applications LLC, a U.S. producer of mycorrhizal fungal inoculum.

Americas Summit

FCI Trade Summit – Americas

The FCI Trade Summit – Americas is in its ninth year and continues to grow.

Australia/South Pacific

Key Crops Stand to Benefit from Discovery

Australian scientists have found a way to improve production of the Rubisco enzyme, essential to plant growth/


VRA Seeding Primed For Growth

The increasing list of products, both software- and hardware-oriented, is helping move VRA seeding’s adoption needle forward