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Working Hard to Get EU Competitiveness Back on Track

By Jackie Pucci

Exclusive interview with Jean-Charles Bocquet, director general of the European Crop Protection Association, on regulatory progress in the European Union.


Brazil Declares Emergency Due to Coffee Borer Outbreak

Country authorizes cyantraniliprole insecticides for import.


Arysta LifeScience Gets Bactericide Registrations

Company gets registrations in top apple growing U.S. states.


China Agrees to Expand Market Access for U.S. Grown Apples

With this new agreement, the apple industry estimates that within two years, exports to China will reach 5 million bushels annually, a value of nearly $100 million per year.


Albaugh Enters Collaboration on Cereals

Partners include Colorado Wheat Research Foundation and Group Limagrain.

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EPA Announces Voluntary Cancellation of Certain Methomyl Uses

Limiting use will reduce risks to drinking water.

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Syngenta Adds BroadAxe XC Herbicide to Portfolio

BroadAxe XC provides pre-emergence herbicide activity and multiple modes of action against a broad spectrum of weeds.

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7th ThermoSeed Facility Opens in Sweden

Incotec is introducing ThermoSeed in Europe, North America, Brazil and Japan and expects that a large number of facilities will be opened in the coming years.

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USDA to Deregulate Monsanto’s Next-Generation Weed Control Trait Technology

To prepare for commercialization and to further enhance growers' experience with the technology, Monsanto trained more than 7,500 growers, retail partners and stakeholders on weed management.

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Amvac Chemical Corp. Names New Executive

Bob Trogele appointed COO and executive vice president of Amvac Chemical Corp.