DuPont’s Borel Talks R&D Pipeline

DuPont Pioneer will expand its U.S. lineup of Optimum Leptra corn hybrids in 2015 and expects also to launch in Brazil for the 2015/2016 Safrinha season

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Syngenta Introduces Tracking Tool For Enogen Corn Growers

The recently introduced Enogen Value Tracker from Syngenta provides corn growers with a new way to track Enogen corn. Syngenta will include the naturally derived, non-GMO purple tracer trait in select bags of Enogen hybrids.

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How Asia Is Gaining Ground in Drought-Tolerant Corn

Asia has lagged behind in developing corn that requires less water. An international public-private partnership is helping deliver a low-cost solution.


Dow AgroSciences Expands in Puerto Rico

New site will allow for increased R&D capabilities.


Bayer Delivers New Soybean Varieties

Bayer CropScience has introduced 12 new Credenz soybean varieties to help growers deal with glyphosate resistant weeds.

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Rathbone Out at Nufarm; Company to Make $100 Million in Cost Reductions

Outgoing executive leaves Nufarm with the company on a sound financial footing, and the international operations and seeds businesses well established


Dow Says Will Not License First-Generation Roundup Ready Soybean Trait

Enlist soybeans with Roundup Ready 2 Yield and Enlist E3 soybeans are 'chosen trait platforms moving forward.'

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Biotech Crops Continue to Gain Acceptance Worldwide

In 2014, a record 181.5 million hectares of biotech crops were grown globally, an increase of more than six million hectares from 2013, says ISAAA.


Albaugh Enters Collaboration on Cereals

Partners include Colorado Wheat Research Foundation and Group Limagrain.


DuPont Pioneer Adds Three New Sorghum Hybrids

These hybrids offer sorghum growers strong yield potential, improved agronomic performance, a wide range of defensive trait packages and adaptability to both irrigated and dryland acres.


10 Crop Protection Trends For 2015

Crop protection sales expected to be stable, but wholesale change is almost certain.


Frontier Scientific Expands into Agchem Market

Utah-based company acquires entomology division of Bio-Serv Inc.

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7th ThermoSeed Facility Opens in Sweden

Incotec is introducing ThermoSeed in Europe, North America, Brazil and Japan and expects that a large number of facilities will be opened in the coming years.

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USDA to Deregulate Monsanto’s Next-Generation Weed Control Trait Technology

To prepare for commercialization and to further enhance growers' experience with the technology, Monsanto trained more than 7,500 growers, retail partners and stakeholders on weed management.

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Research Finds Salt Tolerance Gene in Soybean

Researchers hope to use this information to find similar genes in different crops, such as wheat and grapevine, to selectively breed for their enhanced salt tolerance.

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Incotec Launches Sustainable ThermoSeed Disinfection For Onion Seed

Incotec has been using the technology to disinfect grain and rice for many years.


China Approves Imports of DuPont Pioneer Soybean Variety

The Plenish soybean product is engineered to produce a healthier type of soybean oil.

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DuPont and Monsanto Reach Settlement of Litigation Involving Technology Disputes

The agreement enables the companies to concentrate their attention on developing new solutions for farmers.

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AMVAC to Cease Sales and Marketing of Rejuvenate Seed Treatment for Potatoes

Since 2013, Amvac has been distributing and marketing Rejuvenate Seed Treatment for potatoes on behalf of Stehekin LLC.

Latest News

Americas Summit

FCI Trade Summit – Americas

The FCI Trade Summit – Americas is in its ninth year and continues to grow.

Australia/South Pacific

Key Crops Stand to Benefit from Discovery

Australian scientists have found a way to improve production of the Rubisco enzyme, essential to plant growth/


VRA Seeding Primed For Growth

The increasing list of products, both software- and hardware-oriented, is helping move VRA seeding’s adoption needle forward


Arysta Provides Canadian Growers With New Fungicide

Evito fungicides gives Canadian wheat and barley growers a new option for disease control.

Global Sourcing Summit

India Looks to Gain Global Market Share

Business leaders discuss the opportunities left in the wake of sourcing disruptions from environmental changes in China.