World Health Organization Report Contradicts Scientific Findings on Glyphosate

"Review does not meet the standards used by respected agencies around the world," says Dr. Phillip Miller, Monsanto global regulatory lead.


CCPIA: ‘Extensive Adjustment’ for Pesticide Industry in 2015

Prices far below 2014 levels, but rebound is expected in March.


How Africa’s Farms Are Recovering from Ebola

After thousands fled their farms and loan programs collapsed in the wake of Ebola, international and local organizations are working to help bring them back.


Adama Registers Nimitz Nematicide in California

Active ingredient is distributed through the soil and into contact with nematodes through irrigation or rainfall.


EPA Registers Miticide to Combat Varroa Mites in Bees

EPA expedited review of oxalic acid.

James C. Borel

DuPont’s Borel Talks R&D Pipeline

DuPont Pioneer will expand its U.S. lineup of Optimum Leptra corn hybrids in 2015 and expects also to launch in Brazil for the 2015/2016 Safrinha season


BASF Agricultural Solutions Sales Rise on Europe, North America

Higher demand for fungicides, herbicides also lifted results.

Crop Inputs

Indonesia Pesticide Management and Registration Procedure

In terms of Indonesia’s pesticide trade balance, about 90% of the technical materials processed in Indonesia are imported from China.


Koppert Launches AgriTrap Natural Insecticide

Dutch firm says product fights aphids, whitefly, psyllids, scale insects, gall mite and spider mite.

Aphids Cotton

Bayer CropScience Introduces Velum Total Insecticide

Velum Total promotes early season crop establishment by preventing nematode and insect damage and enhancing root health.


Syngenta Hurt by Declining Corn Acres in Americas

Company deliberately reduces glyphosate sales to focus on mixes targeted at weed resistance.

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Working Hard to Get EU Competitiveness Back on Track

Exclusive interview with Jean-Charles Bocquet, director general of the European Crop Protection Association, on regulatory progress in the European Union.


Brazil Declares Emergency Due to Coffee Borer Outbreak

Country authorizes cyantraniliprole insecticides for import.


10 Crop Protection Trends For 2015

Crop protection sales expected to be stable, but wholesale change is almost certain.


EPA Registers New ‘Bee-Safe’ Insecticide, Flupyradifurone

Studies show no adverse effect on overall bee colony performance or overwintering ability when compared to untreated colonies.


Dow AgroSciences Names Conkesta as Brand for New Insect-Resistant Trait

Soybean trait continues to move through regulatory processes as the first trait to be submitted for approvals that expresses two Bt proteins.


Bayer CropScience Receives EPA Registration for New Insecticide

Sivanto is a novel systemic insecticide for the control of major sucking pest.

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Crop Protection in an Increasingly Post-Patent World

Generics make up more global market share each year, and new products are poised for rapid growth.

Crop Inputs

EPA Revised Chlorpyrifos Assessment Shows Risk to Workers

Based on the results of the risk assessment, additional restrictions might be necessary to ensure that workers who use or work around areas treated with chlorpyrifos are protected and that drinking water sources are protected.

Latest News


Syngenta Sues Willowood for Patent Infringement

Complaint alleges Willowood infringed patent regarding azoxystrobin.


The Biopesticide Market Is Thriving

Sector on track to double market share in the next five years.


Monsanto Calls for Retraction of WHO’s Glyphosate Assessment

Classification as probable carcinogen goes against scientific consensus, industry experts and scientists say.


Adama Posts Higher Profit for Year, Weighs IPO Options

"Various possibilities" are being examined regarding executing the business combination between the company and the China business.


Monsanto’s Fraley ‘Outraged’ by WHO Glyphosate Assessment

"Result was reached by selective ‘cherry picking’ of data and is a clear example of agenda-driven bias.” --Fraley