Study: Crop Rotation Has Positive Impact On Soil Microbial Communities

A study authored by Michigan State University (MSU) Department of Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences assistant professor Lisa Tiemann is


6 Lessons for Sales and Marketing

By Cindy Snyder Contributor Biological controls are the fastest growing segment in crop protection, but it’s still a fledgling technology

Australia/South Pacific

BioConsortia Names Jacobs R&D Head in New Zealand

BioConsortia, Inc. is developing highly effective microbial solutions that enhance plant phenotypes and increase crop yields.


5 Issues Changing the Crop Protection Industry

Demands on the agricultural sector are increasing.


EPA Issues Interim Guidance on Antimicrobial Data Requirements

Interim guidance clarifies that the 200 ppb trigger is based on total estimated daily dietary intake for an individual and not on the amount of residue present on a single food.


DuPont Acquires Taxon Biosciences

Platform will accelerate commercialization of integrated biological solutions for agriculture.


Stockton Group in Distribution Deal with Engage Agro

Engage Agro will exclusively market and distribute Timorex Gold biofungicide in Canada for fruit, vegetable and specialty crops.


Dow in R&D Collaboration with Radiant on Natural Crop Protection

Collaboration combines proprietary metagenomic and engineering-biology technologies from Radiant with Dow’s natural products discovery and product development capabilities.


Sumitomo to Combine Biorationals with Agchem Business

Biorational business was previously managed by Valent BioSciences.


The Biopesticide Market Is Thriving

Sector on track to double market share in the next five years.

Parrys America

Parry America Names New Director – Sales & Marketing for Specialty Crops

Brian Dockery's track record of exceptional client focus and loyalty, and strategic growth will anchor this segment to provide necessary impetus for growth


Crop Microclimate Management Launches Product that Fights Abiotic Stressors

Photon, for U.S. corn and soybean market, stimulates a key stress-sensing enzyme system in plants to prepare them to react quickly and effectively to environmental stresses.


Stockton Group Gets Timorex Approval in Korea, Mexico

Timorex Gold approved for coffee in Mexico and for greenhouse and outdoor use on a variety of fruits and vegetables in Korea.


Koppert Launches AgriTrap Natural Insecticide

Dutch firm says product fights aphids, whitefly, psyllids, scale insects, gall mite and spider mite.


U.S. to Provide $30 Million to Fight Citrus Greening

Projects focus on areas including biological controls, tools to kill the Asian citrus psyllid, root sampling and testing strategy, training dogs to detect infected trees.


Stockton’s Timorex Gold Biofungicide Approved in Macedonia

Product is registered for the control of blight in tomato and potato, downy mildew in lettuce, and gray mold in grapes.


10 Crop Protection Trends For 2015

Crop protection sales expected to be stable, but wholesale change is almost certain.

Pam Marrone

Marrone Bio Innovations’ Regalia MAXX Biofungicide Approved for New Uses in Canada

Expanded use label brings growers tool for managing powdery mildew, downy mildew.


Frontier Scientific Expands into Agchem Market

Utah-based company acquires entomology division of Bio-Serv Inc.

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A Decade of Innovation

BLAMS. It’s not a sound effect from the pages of a super hero comic book. Instead this nifty acronym is

Industry News

Rotam Expands Chile Product Portfolio

Rotam Chile is expanding its market offer with the acquisition of 15 products registrations bought from a local company Mabruk.


EPA: 2,4-D, Glyphosate, Imidacloprid Among Pesticide Chemicals Not Endocrine Disruptors

Nearly three dozen pesticide chemicals tested by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for their potential to disrupt the endocrine system have been deemed

Crop Inputs

Eurofins Adds New Regulatory Group in Niefern

Eurofins Regulatory AG plans to add an Agro Team in Niefern to the already existing Agro Regulatory Group in Rheinfelden and


Valent BioSciences Chile to Merge with Pace International Chile

In a move that will strengthen customer service, trading capacity and geographic coverage, Pace International, a post-harvest solutions, technologies and services