Crop Microclimate Management Launches Product that Fights Abiotic Stressors

Photon, for U.S. corn and soybean market, stimulates a key stress-sensing enzyme system in plants to prepare them to react quickly and effectively to environmental stresses.


Stockton Group Gets Timorex Approval in Korea, Mexico

Timorex Gold approved for coffee in Mexico and for greenhouse and outdoor use on a variety of fruits and vegetables in Korea.


Koppert Launches AgriTrap Natural Insecticide

Dutch firm says product fights aphids, whitefly, psyllids, scale insects, gall mite and spider mite.


U.S. to Provide $30 Million to Fight Citrus Greening

Projects focus on areas including biological controls, tools to kill the Asian citrus psyllid, root sampling and testing strategy, training dogs to detect infected trees.


Stockton’s Timorex Gold Biofungicide Approved in Macedonia

Product is registered for the control of blight in tomato and potato, downy mildew in lettuce, and gray mold in grapes.


10 Crop Protection Trends For 2015

Crop protection sales expected to be stable, but wholesale change is almost certain.

Pam Marrone

Marrone Bio Innovations’ Regalia MAXX Biofungicide Approved for New Uses in Canada

Expanded use label brings growers tool for managing powdery mildew, downy mildew.


Frontier Scientific Expands into Agchem Market

Utah-based company acquires entomology division of Bio-Serv Inc.


Dow AgroSciences Names Conkesta as Brand for New Insect-Resistant Trait

Soybean trait continues to move through regulatory processes as the first trait to be submitted for approvals that expresses two Bt proteins.


Novozymes Says BioAg Alliance with Monsanto Off to Strong Start

Company sees positive outlook for 2015.


Biocontrols 2015 Tradeshow and Conference

Crafting a “softer” pest management program for sustainability-minded retailers and processors is likely in your future – if it’s not here already. An increasing number of growers and crop advisers are finding that a mix of biocontrol products and conventional products helps fill the bill, especially late in the season when maximum residue levels (MRLs) are of greatest concern.

Australia/South Pacific

Biologicals Use On The Rise Among Australian Growers

Biofilm Crop Protection's products focus on soil health to combat pests and disease.


Mozambique Offers Enormous Opportunity for New Technologies

As Mozambique's agricultural market continues to grow, the country offers crop input companies enormous opportunity.

Asia Summit

India and The Big Shift: Part 2

India makes a play for greater global market share.


Bayer Acquires European Distribution Rights for Contans WG

Contans WG has "become one of the biggest biological fungicides currently used in conventional agriculture in Europe."


Japanese Seed Treatment Market for Rice Climbs – Kline

Report: Increasing demand for environmentally friendly techniques to replace chemicals and disease control in crops in Japan.

Australia/South Pacific

Rethinking Australia

On the driest (inhabited) continent, resilience is a must in creating a crop protection success story.


Stockton’s Timorex Gold Receives EPA Registration

“The acceptance of the EPA in the USA market is a huge milestone for us.” -- Ziv Tirosh, CEO


DuPont to Build Pair of Seed Treatment Facilities

Facilities to develop seed treatment applications and handling.

Latest News

Global Sourcing Summit

India Looks to Gain Global Market Share

Business leaders discuss the opportunities left in the wake of sourcing disruptions from environmental changes in China.


DuPont’s Borel Talks R&D Pipeline

DuPont Pioneer will expand its U.S. lineup of Optimum Leptra corn hybrids in 2015 and expects also to launch in Brazil for the 2015/2016 Safrinha season


BASF Agricultural Solutions Sales Rise on Europe, North America

Higher demand for fungicides, herbicides also lifted results.


Weed Control on the Rise in Noncrop

Though it’s just a fraction of the pesticide market, industrial vegetation management (IVM) is steadily claiming a larger share. Here is why.

Crop Inputs

Aquatic Risk Assessments for Pesticide Combination Products in the EU

Today in the European Union, mixture toxicity assessments have become an integral part of the evaluation of pesticides. However, there