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Nufarm to Reorganize European Manufacturing Footprint

Nufarm Limited plans to change to adjust its European manufacturing operations to reduce the company’s fixed cost base; improve working capital management; and support

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Nufarm appoints Greg Hunt as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

Nufarm Limited’s Board of Directors appointed Chief Operating Officer and acting CEO Greg Hunt as the company’s new Managing Director


Bayer CropScience Invests $100,000 to Improve Pollinator and Wildlife Habitats

With a desire to improve and expand pollinator and wildlife habitats on public right-of-ways, Bayer CropScience LP is investing over $100,000 with

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Bayer CropScience Joins Flagship Ventures to Form Strategic Innovation Partnership

Knowing that there is a lot of innovation in agriculture outside the company, Bayer CropScience joined a strategic innovation partnership with

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New Sales and Lower Operating Costs Fuel Growth for Punjab Chemicals

Punjab Chemicals and Crop Protection is expect quadruple its 2014-2015 net profit from $704,699 (4.5 crore) to $3.13 million (20